2015 North Indian cyclonic season

In this season, the total is: 36 depressions, 33 deep depressions, 27 cyclonic storms, 26 severe cyclonic storms, 15 very severe cyclonic storms, and 7 super cyclonic storms. sorry for the name, the name is 2015 North Indian cyclonic season


Cyclonic Storm Arlene

Cyclonic storm (IMD)
Tropical storm (SSHWS)
Temporary cyclone north 
Duration April 6 – April 17
Peak intensity 65 km/h (40 mph) (3-min)  981 hPa (mbar)
A low pressure area formed on March 31. On April 3 at 08:16 UTC, the JTWC tagged it "INVEST 88B". On April 6, IMD classfied it as Depression 01 BOB. Depression 01 BOB was upgraded rapidly to Cyclonic Storm Arlene.

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