The 2016-17 Easter Island Cyclone Season is a current event that will began on November 1 and end on May 30 these dates determine cyclone activity,however cyclone formation can happen at anytime of the year, as proven by TD One and TD Two though it extend into the season.

2016-17 Easter Island cyclone season/Cancelled/Cancelled
First storm formed September 22
Last storm dissipated Season Ongoing
Strongest storm Two
Total depressions 2
Total storms 0
Hurricanes 0
Major hurricanes 0
Total damages $0 2016-17 USD
Total fatalities 0



Season Outlook

The DHTC Is Issuing Advisories on Tropical Depression Two...

Tropical Depression Two-EI

Two-EI refuses to strengthen...


Tropical Depression One-EI

Tropical depression (SSHWS)
Duration September 22 – September 22
Peak intensity 45 km/h (30 mph) (1-min)  100015 hPa (mbar)

Tropical Depression Two-EI

Tropical depression (SSHWS)
Duration October 30 – Currently Active
Peak intensity 55 km/h (35 mph) (1-min)  10010 hPa (mbar)


These are the names used to name Easter Island Cyclones during 2016-17 any unused names are marked in gray any retired names will be annouced by the DHTC in summer of 2017.

  • Annabelle (unused)
  • Bunny (unused)
  • Christmas (unused)
  • Dancer (unused)
  • Elker (unused)
  • Flamingo (unused)
  • Ginger (unused)
  • Haruna (unused)
  • Isabella (unused)
  • Jack (unused)
  • Kroke (unused)
  • Lydon (unused)
  • Merry (unused)
  • Night (unused)
  • Olette (unused)
  • Pavoon (unused)
  • Snapmare (unused)
  • Tryle (unused)
  • Valor (unused)
  • Washi (unused)
  • Xode (unused)
  • Yvonne (unused)
  • Zyana (unused)

Aluxury List

  • Anthony (unused)
  • Douglas (unused)
  • Easter (unused)
  • Nog (unused)

Season Effects

2016-17 Easter Island Cyclone Season statistics
Storm name Dates active Storm category

at peak intensity

Max 1-min wind

mph (km/h) Areas affected Damage (USD) Deaths
One Sepetember 22 - September 22 30 mph 30 mph 100015 None 0 0
Two October 30 - Currently Active 35 mph 30 mph 10010 None 0 0

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