2017: Alternate Interactive History Game

It is 2017. Donald Trump is the president of the United states still and everything is the same still as of today with tensions in the Middle East and the UK leaving the EU. in this game you can play as any nation in the world. You can also create a nation from seceding from another (through moderator's overview beforehand) and build off your nation and change it to your ideals. One of the key rules is to be plausible. but most importantly have fun and enjoy!


  1. It's strongly recommended to read up on your nation or region during the time period, and if you join later on in the game, learn the history of your region from archived turns.
  2. If a moderator be inactive in his duties for at least ten years in game, he will be considered as “honorary moderator” and will not have power unless requesting a return to the game with serious commitment.
  3. You only have two turns in-game to protest an implausible action. After this, the events taken place are deemed canon. However, if plausibility has suffered a big enough injury, a total of a ten turn retcon can take place with a moderator super majority.
  4. A player can be completely removed from the nation if they are inactive for five days. If their post is more than 70% identical (copy pasted) for a week and unresponsive, they can be considered for removal from the game.
  5. If two nations are in a personal union and are culturally similar, then after fifty years in personal union, the leading nation may choose to merge the two nations.
  6. You have one "free" switch to another nation every 100 years. You can also switch if your nation has been forcefully vassalized / conquered
  7. Moderator Rules
    1. Burden of proof of plausibility is put on the player, not the moderator.
    2. Moderators cannot use absolutely any moderator powers in the region that they are playing in.
    3. Any change on the rules must be approved by a majority of the moderators.
    4. If an annual event or moderator response is a question, the moderators must hold a council. The council will decide the outcome with a super majority vote.
    5. In the end, moderator decision is final.

The Current Map



The Game


  • The US impeaches Donald Trump and Michael Pence after finding out Russia and Donald Trump had been allowing in spies into the nation.
  • France Holds a referendum to leave the EU
  • Hurricane Franklin devastates the Dominican Republic
  • Stocks crash in China leading to a Crisis
  • Japan makes a trade deal with Panama for technological tools.
  • The US Speaker Paul Ryan becomes the next president of the US
  • Germany: Germany holds a referendum this year to disband the EU. (to be continued)