Tropical storm (SSHWS)
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Duration April 11 – April 16
Peak intensity 109 km/h (68 mph) (10-min)  979 hPa (mbar)
TS Amanda was a strong storm that formed near sri lanka. It killed 800 and injured 1,300. At April 11 0500 Sri Lanka had a Tropical Storm Watch and at 0800 a TD had formed and around 1500 Sri Lanka had removed the watch. India,bangle dash, and myanmar had Tropical storm watches and at April 12 0400 Bangladesh and myanmar had Tropical Storm warnings. India put in a Hurricane advisory for all the countries that had watches and warnings. April 15 0500 The islands of myanmar would have huge problem driving because of the visibility. It would fog up a lot to make the visibility 1.4 km. It would cause 8 car crashes and 2 deaths. It would also have 20.7 MPH winds. At April 15 1300 The islands of myanmar got hit by some rogue waves and rain. It had 8.7 mm of rain on the day and the TS downgraded into a TD. At April 15 2000 Parts of myanmar was getting hit by the TD, and get 5.5 mm rain. The islands hit by the TS previously would get 4.6 meters high waves. Amanda would then become a TS and head straight for Myanmar. Also at the time the pressure would decrease rapidly. April 16 1500 The TS would make landfall, causing huge floods. Man-Aung would receive 134.4 mm rain, and 50.6 MPH winds, with 8.7 meters high waves. It was so strong that people in Man-Aung couldn't see anything, and couldn't see debris. This TS would destroy parts of the city, and would continue moving inland. April 16 1900 The storm would break apart and disappear. The destruction on Man-Aung had costed 1.4 Billion dollars, one of the costliest TS ever. Some people said it was a hurricane since recorded winds in the hurricane reached 89.7 MPH but that was dubbed as fake.
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Doppler Radar Images of Amanda hitting Myanmar.