2024 Cuban earthquake and tsunami
Date: August 19, 2034
Time 1445 UTC
Duration 2 hours
Cause 8.1 earthquake off Cuba
Number of waves 3
Height of waves 15 meters
Areas affected Most of the Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico, parts of Western Africa
Damages $35 billion
Fatalities 2170 dead, 15,000 more injured

The 2024 Cuban earthquake and tsunami was an event that involved a rare occurrence of a magnitude 8 earthquake and a tsunami along the fault zone that passes Cuba. The event was held responsible for $35 billion in economic damages, and caused the injury of 15,000 people, as well as the deaths of almost 2,200 people, making it the worst earthquake in Cuban history.


The event was poorly forecast by seismologists. When the quake struck during the mid morning hours, no one was truly aware about what was really going on, so as buildings collapsed around them, there was mass panic as a result. The earthquake lasted for 2 minutes 12 seconds, levelling 50% of buildings within a 40 km radius, and badly damaging buildings within 100 km of the epicenter. To make things even worse, 3 tsunamis followed, the highest of which was 15 meters high, leading to the loss of 2170 lives, and $35 billion in damages, making it by far the worst earthquake to hit the area on record.