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December 2021 a doctor has reported a new disease called Lehagia Atrotuses. It was mostly harmless and didn't do anything except prevented shorter nail growth on some people, but it was a rare case. A decade passed and the disease only affected 5,000 people (estimated) and at 2 years later at 2033 at portugal, the disease had spread fast and had mutated to form blood clots on the nail which would cause the nails on peoples hands to explode with blood. People started to research on this and tried to determine what had happened, but the worst has yet come.

June 2033

The disease had started to spread to spain, and people that suffered the syntomps had died from blood loss. The disease would then mutated to go on salt water, which means that the blood that people have lost, if they fell on the ocean, they are spreading the disease. The disease would then spread in the atlantic ocean and portugal has lost about 1% of its population. "The disease that was found was a mutated version of cancer, that might of ben tested and put into someone" Said Gregory Trunk. "As of right now we are doing all of our research on this disease to cure this and maybe understand more about cancer!" What they didn't know is that the disease can now spread on the air and had secretly affected France. The reason why this virus mutated is maybe because of another common virus, the flu.

July 2033

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