The 2110 NIO Cyclone season was a season in the NIO that began on January 1 and ended on December 31.

2110 North Indian Ocean cyclone season (Doug)
First storm formed April 5
Last storm dissipated December 30
Strongest storm Mahaliba
Total depressions 2
Total storms 2
Hurricanes 1
Major hurricanes 1
Total damages $20,0000
Total fatalities 34,0005


Cyclonic Storm Giskar

Cyclonic storm (IMD)
Tropical storm (SSHWS)
Duration April 5 – April 14
Peak intensity 85 km/h (50 mph) (1-min)  1004 hPa (mbar)

Super Severe Cyclonic Storm Mahliba

Super cyclonic storm (IMD)
Category 5 tropical cyclone (SSHWS)
Duration December 5 – December 30
Peak intensity 285 km/h (180 mph) (1-min)  980 hPa (mbar)


These were the names used to name NIO cyclones during 2110 and the names that were unused are marked in gray. the first 6 names are shown.

  • Giskar
  • Mahliba
  • Vikiru (unused)
  • Kuviskik (unused)
  • Kapar (unused)
  • Kyant (unused)


After 2016 the NIO used a retirement system to remove damaging storms storms that were pre-2017 like Chaba and Phalian and Hudhud were not removed. the IMD suggested the IMD retire the name Mahliba and the request was accepted and the name Mahliba was removed and replaced by the name Ped which means "tree in india". it will next ber used when it is rotated on the list after Giskar has been used.