April fools internet chaos of A.F.I.C happened at April 1st 2018 when something mysterious had happened that almost caused world war 3. 80% of the internet was hacked into a bunch of lousy,lazy, and flashing websites. This lasted for a whole week and had affected youtube,tumblr,Facebook,snap chat, and many others. This also hacked 8 countries military informational computers which had almost caused huge war. The countries were Russia,Ukraine,Japan,Philippines,USA,Australia, and China. This caused a huge riot to happen in most of USA and many people nearly became crazy from this event. The total damage from this was 3.4 trillion dollars, and was dubbed the biggest hack that had ever happened in the internet.


A week later when it was fixed most of the websites that were hacked weren't protected and was vulnerable for other hackers. This had caused two months of constant hacking before it was fixed. Infant the constant hacking had caused parts of youtube to glitch out making almost everyone there getting more then -1,000 subscribers. 7 million of its videos were deleted and the internet was then back to normal.

Its unknown who did this but people have said this was from russia to hack USA's internet but that was shot down.







There have been myths since this had happened, one was that this had affected TV as well but this was rejected instantly. Another was that russia did this but since russia also had no internet this was shot down.