At 2039 March 4 UAE would have suffered a huge crisis of money because of the collapse of the EU. The UAE would fall off of resources and russia,china, and the US would continue hacking UAEs computer systems. At April 1st Dubai declared themselves to be independent but the president of UAE would disagree causing a civil war. The civil war would of killed 13,000,000 people and would almost cause WW3. The war of Dubai would be the deadliest in the arabic union and would force the UAE to exit the Arabian union. The arabian union couldn't help because of the UAE needing to pay debt, about 70,000,000 million. The UAE Lost the battle and the battle had lasted for 3 years, and dubai became independent and the UAE had nearly collapsed. Dubai had became much bigger than its city was became Yeman had peace with the UAE to give half of the original attackers land was from its own country to the attacker. UAE had to do it do prevent

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 5.43.29 PM

another attack which could of made it turn into a collapsed country. The war on the picture is token, and the bigger the arrow the bigger the army force is. and the picture below it is the peace deal.

Deaths 2039 2040 2041
Dubai 240,000 301,000 209,000
UAE 405,000 397,000 422,000
Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 5.48.41 PM
GDP 2039 2040 2041
Dubai 92 B 99 B 106 B
UAE 104 B 98 B 97.2 B
TON(Threat of nukes) 2039 2040 2041
Dubai 7.5 % 9% 7%
UAE 38% 42% 41.2%