HD 104756 is a system of one star and one planet HD 104756 b. The star is a orange giant and some have speculated that a black hole orbits the star but the evidence isn't found.

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HD 104756 with its mesoplanet.


HD 104756 was found using Heicompliters-OPL in 2029, and was found with a mesoplanet orbiting it. The mesoplanet was rated B and the mesoplanet is orbiting a gas giant. The gas giants is HD 104756 and is a bit smaller than jupiter. The gas giant is made out of hydrogen and helium. The gas giant is also a Calspital planet, meaning that the atmosphere is getting stripped out by its immense star. The gas giant will be predicted to be a Ketonian Planet in 6 million years by now and has a mass of 6 earths.


The future of this planet will sadly implode 100 million years from now and be part of the List of upcoming Supernova. The planet might be far away to not be decimated by the star, and if it survives then the moon would get slammed into the planet or get flung out to space. The remains would make the mesoplanet a Rogue planet, same with HD 104756 b. It is also 600 LY away so the threat of this might not affect the earth.

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