At June 3 The NOAA has issued a watch for parts of south america, and a tropical depression was forming, they were warning about the storm and was telling people to take cover. The storm was starting to get stronger and stronger, started rotating and became a TD. The TD was moving west and quickly grew and

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 8.54.23 AM

The path of the first recorded hurricane

became TS at 0500. The storm started moving north and was heading towards jamaica until it changed direction. Near jamaica it killed 14 and headed directly to Cuba, becoming a CAT1 and making landfall at cuba at June 6 1800. It killed 76 people and then weakened to a TS before hitting florida killing 17 people and then making the last landfall, in georgia killing 7. This was the first hurricane ever recorded in Atlantic ocean! Not much detail was for it but it did cause major damage, destroying a city in cuba, and flooding a town in florida. The damage cost was 3 billion and it killed 114. This is the picture of the tracks and the hurricane overtop, and the damage it has done. It was also part of the 1764 Atlantic Hurricane season.