Hurricane Barry (2031)
Category 3 hurricane (SSHS)
Formed July 2
Dissipated July 18
Damage 25.5 billion

Hurricane Barry had the highest winds in New York City. Forming in the Atlantic, Barry moved slowly. Quickly strengthening to a Category 2 then slowly a Category 3, Barry was known to have a gust of 120 knots(140 mph), which it had 120 mph(105 knots) at peak. Weakening, it was shown to have 112 mph while landfall, leading to a 110 mph estimate. It never got ex-tropical until July 16. It survived over land and on July 14, it reached the Hudson Bay with 110 mph estimate. It then made a indirect landfall in the Southern Hudson Bay area. On July 16, it became ex-tropical.

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