Hurricane Douglas
Category 5 hurricane (SSHS)
Formed July 1st
Dissipated July 7th
Damage $240 billion (2066 USD)

Hurricane Douglas was the strongest storm of the 2061 Atlantic hurricane season, and one of the strongest tropical cyclones in the world, with a peak intensity of 190 mph, which is also the wind speed while Douglas made landfall in Mississippi, leading to catastrophic and devastating damage

Meteorological History

On June 29th 2061, the NHC noted an area of interest for possible development, on July 1st 2061, the NHC announced the area of interest developed into a tropical depression.

Soon, the depression was upgraded to a tropical storm, and given the name Douglas, on July 4th, the system started to rapidly intensify, hitting Cuba as a Category 4 hurricane, soon, it was upgraded to a Category 5 hurricane near Mississippi, further rapidly intensifying, the storm made landfall at peak intensity in Mississippi, causing catastrophic and devastating damage.

It weakened into a Category 4 hurricane on land, it was last noted as a tropical depression by the NHC.



Due to Douglas threatening Mississippi, the government ordered a mass evacuation for the area's under a hurricane warning, it's estimated that around 45,742 people evacuated, while others who couldn't stayed, and others chose to stay, thinking Douglas will likely weaken and hit at a weaker intensity instead.


While the storm was threatening Cuba during it's rapid deepening phase, the government ordered a mass evacuation, Around 3,432 people evacuated, while others who couldn't and/or didn't want to, chose to ride out the storm.



In Mississippi, the damage was very catastrophic, with the damage total rocketing to around $200 billion, even more costly than Hurricane Katrina, which had around $100 billion dollars in damage.
File:Joplindamage 1.jpg


Damage in Cuba was major, and totaled at around $40 billion dollars, which completed the total damage cost of $240 billion, no fatalities were reported, but around 300 were reported missing from the storm.

The Bahama's

Damage in The Bahama's was very minimal, and was mostly straw's of debris and rain, which lead to flooding, no deaths, injuries, or missing people were reported.


In April 2062, it was announced that the name Douglas would be retired due to the high death toll and damage toll, it would be replaced with Dean, which will be used in the 2067 Atlantic hurricane season.

Damage Photo's of Douglas