Hurricane Wapasha
Hypercane (SSHS)
Formed October 17, 2154
Dissipated November 18, 2154
Damage $465.6 billion (2154 USD)

Meteorological History

On August 17, 2154 a tropical wave exited the coast of Africa, it immediately became a tropical depression just offshore then a tropical storm six hours later. The next day it explosively intensified to become a Category 6 hurricane while still relatively close to Africa. Hurricane Wapasha explosively intensified the next day to become a Hypercane, it then peaked as a 500 mph Hypercane while still relatively close to Cape Verde. During the next couple weeks it moved very slowly still located almost halfway to the Leeward Islands and oscillating between Category 8 and Hypercane status. By November 3, it struck the Leeward Islands as a 400 mpb Category 8 hurricane and moved due northwest to the United States as a Category 8 hurricane. Wapasha struck North Carolina as a 265 mph Category 7 hurricane killing 3800 people directly on November 5. It quickly weakened due to crossing the Appalachian Mountains making it to Kentucky and Ohio as a tropical depression. Wapasha then became a remnant low later that day. During the next couple days it traveled north to Michigan and got absorbed into a cold front.