Hypercane Harry (5410)
Hypercane (SSHS)
Formed August 14, 5410
Dissipated September 22, 5410
Damage $3.4 trillion (5410 USD)

Hypercane Harry was an incredible tropical cyclone that tore across the Philippines and China, causing 389,262 deaths, 502, 210 injuries, and $3.4 trillion in damages, making it the costliest natural disaster on record to date

Harry formed on August 14th in the Central Eastern Pacific Ocean, and, moving westwards across 65*C waters,n Harry explosively deepened, to become a category 10 hurricane as it passed out into the Western Pacific Ocean , becoming a super typhoon as it did so, when intensification rates slowed down from the shear of Hypercane George 35 miles to its northwest. Harry made landfall in the Philippines on August September 2nd with 670 mph winds, before slamming into China with 560 mph 5 days later, and weakening as it moved inland, dissipating on September 22nd.

The aftermath of Hypercane Harry was unbelievable, with no trace of buildings ever having existed in the areas that took a direct hit from the hypercane, and the ground having been literally scoured from the earth, causing the ground to sink in the worst hit areas. Farmland was also hot badly, leaving millions of people starving until aid reached the area 5 weeks later.