The following page documents all policies of the Hypothetical Encyclopedia. By editing or using chat on this wiki, you guarantee that you have read all policies and are held responsible for any misconduct.

Please remember that aside from our community guidelines, we comply with Fandom's Terms of Use. That includes COPPA, and if you are 12 and below, do not reveal your age or you will be blocked immediately.

General Guidelines


  • Please keep all content appropriate. Content such as pornography, racism, or encouragement to perform a crime is strictly prohibited and will result in a permanent ban.
  • No personal attacks on other users on pages and/or comments.
  • NO VANDALISM. Edits such as blanking pages, inserting gibberish, messing with templates etc. on purpose are considered vandalism.
  • If you wish to create an article about a sensitive topic (ex. terrorist attack, assassination of a famous figure), create it in your sandbox and an administrator will review it to see if it is suitable for the wiki. Remember to include a notice that the article is entirely fictional to avoid potential controversy.
  • Do not place copyrighted content on pages.
  • Articles on the wiki should be original content. Users are not allowed to bring pages over from other wikis unless the page belongs to its original author.


Action 1st Offense 2nd Offense 3rd Offense 4th Offense 5th Offense
Inappropriate Content 3 Day Block 1 Week Block 2 Week Block 4 Week Block Indefinite Block
Personal Attacks 5 Day Block 10 Day Block 20 Day Block 1.5 Month Block Indefinite Block
Vandalism 1 Week Block 3 Week Block 2 Month Block 4 Month Block Indefinite Block
Plagiarism 2 Week Block 1 Month Block 2 Month Block 4 Month Block Indefinite Block

Chat Guidelines

Blocking Guidelines

Rights Guidelines