This page lists notable earthquakes in the country South Africa. Earthquakes that caused damage in South Africa that had an epicentre outside of South Africa are excluded.


Pre-18th century

Date Time (West Coast) Present Day Epicentre Depth Notes
February 11, 1635 3 miles E of De Aar 4.2 First recorded South African earthquake.
July 9, 1654 2 miles N of Clarens 5.9 1 was reported injured. One of the largest earthquakes in South Africa history.

18th and 19th centuries

August 30, 1836 Welkom 4.4
December 6, 1892 8.7 miles NNE of Polokwane 3.9 2 were injured.
May 8, 1946 .9 miles E of Barberton 5.5 2 were killed and 5 were injured.
October 18, 1977 4:35 PM Tzaneen 4.2 4 km Depth estimated.
January 4, 1995 7:19 AM Grotto Bay 6.7 5 km Large earthquake killed 17 and injured 509. The earthquake remains the second strongest earthquake in South African history.

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