Tornadoes, they can be formed from america, infant a tornado has been recorded in every country except antarctica. So can one happen in alaska? the answer is Yes! but they are rare though. Here are the list of tornadoes that happened in alaska!


Confirmed tornadoes by Enhanced Fujita rating
EF0 EF1 EF2 EF3 EF4 EF5 Total
11 1 0 1 0 0 14
The confirmed tornado rating is different then the total because one was unconfirmed but was still a tornado since it killed one person.
Rank Time Location Fatalities Injuries Towns


Damage Notes
EF0 February 8,


SW of Newhaven 0 1 None $500 First tornado, a waterspout that hits land.
EF0 July 6,


Anchorage 0 0 Anchorage $2,000 Brief Touchdown.
EF0 November 23, 1727 SW of Port Lions 0 0 None $2,000 Stovepipe tornado crosses lake and dies.
EF0 November 24, 1730 Lliamna 0 2 Lliamna,


$15,000 Weak tornado moved south and hits two towns.
EF1 March 28, 1748 Tustumena Lake 1 14 None $710,000 First tornado to kill someone, was a waterspout and flipped many cars and mini beach shops.
EF0 July 31, 1755 WNW of Paxson 0 4 None $14,000 Tornado on mountain hits hikers hurting them.
EF0 August 13, 1759 SW of Lake Brooks 0 0 None $500 Brief Touchdown.
EF0 August 14, 1774 NNW of Karluk 0 0 None $1,000 Weak waterspout that hinted land.
EF0 December 27, 1780 SSE of Crooked Creek 0 0 None $500 Brief Touchdown.
EF0 November 21, 1793 ESE of Hughes 0 4 Hughes $12,000 Tornado directly hits hughes and destroys some crops.
EF3 January 22, 1837 E of Susitna 49 700 Susitna,

Point MacKenzie,


$3.7 M A huge mile wide tornado moves east demolishing susita, Point MacKenzie

and alaskan capital Anchorage. It kills its mayor.

EF? January 9, 1840 SW of Farm Loop 1 12 Farm Loop $12,000 A waterspout merged with another waterspout growing in size.
EF0 June 30, 1851 WSW of Cantwell 0 0 None $500 Tornado flings branches off mountain and makes it "rain branches".
EF0 October 21, 1890 SSE of Fort Greely 0 4 Deltana $4,000 Weak stovepipe moves NE and hits Deltana.

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