These names will be used to replace the names of the Atlantic Tropical Cyclone Seasons. Name changes will begin in 2020, onward. Since 2023, the names Claudia, Dan, Horton, Ignatius, Jules, Jordon, Kara, Matt, Oden, Shannon and Weston, were used to replace the retired names from 2020-23. On any occasion, names from the old hurricane lists may be used for replacement names.

List 1 Ariana Benny Claudia Dice Eartha Freddie Ginnie Horton Iva Jarvis Kena
Luciano Minnie Niall Ofelia Perry Rannie Stephen Tyna Vaughn Wendi
List 2 Antoine Billa Cale Desilence Evan Felisha Gene Herma Ira Jules Konnor
Lucia Mason Norria Ottis Portia Ralph Stanlee Terry Villas Wyatt
List 3 Alexis Burt Cristol Dan Emmy Franz Gauld Hayden India Johnie Kara
Lester Moya Nevel Octavia Pete Randi Scott Taylor Vernon Willie
List 4 Alec Bessie Chester Deena Edie Fredine Grant Hana Igatius Jordon Kenny
Lilli Matt Nia Oden Pippa Russell Shannon Tyrone Vega Wilson
List 5 Alvina Brice Chloe Devyn Eloise Farley Grenda Harry Igora Jack Kurtisa
Lloyd Millie Nick Onna Patrick Ruth Sane Trish Vincent Wallie
List 6 Andre Bianca Christian Dana Eli Flora Gavin Henrietta Iggy Jessie Kane
Loretta Morris Nelly Ogle Pam Robbie Sera Tristen Virgi Will

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