March 2018 Southern California and Northern Mexico cold wave
Type Cold outbreak
Formed March 2, 2018
Dissipated March 5, 2018
Lowest temperature 14°F - Garnet Peak, CA
Highest gust 53 mph - Garnet Peak, CA
Maximum snowfall or ice accretion 3.0" - Garnet Peak, CA
In early March 2018, Southern California experienced some of its coldest temperatures on record. It featured a rare snow event for parts of Southern California, including San Diego, which saw an extremely rare dusting of snow. An unusual cold front moved into Southern California late on March 3, which brought the rare snow. After the cold front passed, conditions cleared up, with a stiff northerly wind blowing in record cold Arctic air in from Canada.

Coldest Temperatures Observed

  • Los Angeles, California - 22°F
  • San Diego, California - 24°F (coldest temperature on record for area)
  • Tijuana, Mexico - 26°F
  • Chula Vista, California - 25°F

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