Mesoplanet is a mini type of exoplanet found orbiting another exoplanet or a type of planet found splitting apart.

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A mesoplanet orbiting HD 104756 b.


The mesoplanets can also be ranked just like stars from A to L despite their temperature. Mesoplanets are useful too. They can help us see inside its main partner (exoplanet) and will tell us some history about it. The mesoplanets also can help us understand more about moons. The first mesoplanet was found in 2021 at Russia. There are about 86 confirmed mesoplanets and some can be crazy! From mesoplanets orbiting each other around a planet to a mesoplanet that shares its atmosphere with its host planet, the possibilities are endless!


The first mesomoon ever detected was at Moscow, Russia at March 27, 2021. The astronauts Felix Avdeev and Mark Ibrahimov were the first to discover them. At March 24 Mark Ibrahimov was showing Felix Avdeev on his new carrier and how to do it. That was until 3 hours later were Felix Avdeev found a throbbing exoplanet. He first thought a nearby exoplanet was affecting it until he checked it and nothing was there. Felix Avdeev then asked Mark Ibrahimov a question that a exoplanet dubbed Pliedias-9 was throbbing back and forth. Mark Ibrahimov had never seen anything liked this and used similar methods on the exoplanet to see if it was a star instead. None worked and he checked the reflection of the planet and saw that it dimmed once every 9 hours. He did it again and it dimmed, he had found a mesoplanet! soon Felix Avdeev and Mark Ibrahimov became famous and more and more mesoplanets were discovered. It rocked the science community!


Theres types of mesoplanets from their temperature. The reason for this was to not to confuse people from the moons. The greener they are the more hospitable they are.




A ≥1200 36
B 1100-1200 18
C 900-1100 10
D 800-900 7
E 600-800 2
F 400-600 1
G 200-400 2
H 100-200 4
I 50-100 4
J 25-50 1
K 1-25 1
L ≤1 0

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