A  Novascotious zone is a zone that every star clusters have. It can change from open clusters to close clusters. Open clusters can have zones smaller then the other zones. They are zones that have extreme radiation. A planets lifetime will experience one or two  Novascotious zones. The earth experienced one 2/7 billion years ago and 670 million years ago, but they can be deadly. Just as i said they are radioactive which means they can cause huge mutations to animals that can destroy the world. The star clusters can create supernovas and gamma ray bursts. The last time one of these zones has affected the earth, a gamma ray burst directly hinted earth causing the first mass extinction. Though the zones last for a few million years when they end the planets can easily recover. But the second bad thing about it is that the Novascotious zones can form rogue stars, stars that get flung out and shoot out too. A system called Gliese 9230 had a affect like this, and one of its gas giants turned into a rogue planet. Black holes can happen too and become rogue black holes and could easily mess up systems. The zone can be dangerous but rarely happens. Scientist predicts that 600 million years from now we will enter into another one of these zones. Heres a image of one of the zones destroying a planet.

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 8.58.53 PM