Poliest-03 GR is a rare type of material that is hard and flexible. It has a color of vantablack, the darkest color ever and was recently found that black holes were made from this. Holiest-03 GR can also detect magnetars and Iron stars. The material is also capable on sucking things like a vacuum, reducing the pressure to 9 MB. When put into space, the oxidentation doesn't work anymore, the ability for oxygen to coat a material on earth. Since no oxygen surrounds it, it is a huge problem to metal, and if touched with metal it will bind with it and since the material is part of a black hole, or a material of a black hole, the material would turn white and the gravity would go crazy to -10000! The ship would implode in 1 microseconds and the metals would travel faster then 4,200,000 Meters per second before the white hole rips apart and explodes. The material can be used to Poliest Nukes which can hit tanks and cause a explosion 100 times bigger then the hiroshema bomb! It is intact so dangerous its the 9th on Entones' List. It can also cause health problems. It is highly radioactive, number 12 on the Radioactive scale. And is severely dense, a gram can weigh a bus! And it has a strong gravity, 7 times that of earth. It is rarely made and the average size of Poliest-03 GR is 100 femtometer. The biggest was in 1908 at russia, where one was about 3 centimeters, and made the Tunguska Event. Heres a rare image of the material. The image is the material that is about to turn into a white hole.

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 8.30.37 PM