On March 13, 2018 civil war broke out in the province of Crimea lead by a group of 300,781 Nationalist scattered throughout Sevastopol City and Kyiv,Ukraine. They carefully captured and held hostage the president and Prime Minister in the city while carefully bombing political centers throughout the nation while holding down towns and cities across the Nation all for a cost of having their own nation. By March 28th, the City of Sevastopol and most of Crimea had fallen to the rebels. But soon afterwards Russian troops ironically began supporting the Ukrainian forces to crush the nationalist. Then on June 16,2018 a terrorist nuclear bomb was detonated on Bystrogorskiy, Russia killing 216,094 men,women, and children causing the surrender of southern Russia to the Nationalist rebels. Soon after the EU activated some 23,000 forces to support the Ukrainian government but during transport their military base was bombed killing all but 478.