Tiran Titol is a mysterious island that was set back to exist from 7,000 years ago until 1764. Titan Titol was dubbed as a phantom island and used to exist on maps. Some people have said that unknown entities used to live there like a tree that could lift its roots and attack other animals with it, grass that could team up and swallow the cropse of animals, and a pink glowing water that would give you good luck forever. Most people tried to go to it but died for unknown reasons.

Screen Shot 2017-03-18 at 8.40.59 AM

The island in the circle is Tiran Titol.


Tiran Titol was one part of cuba but at 5000 BCE a massive earthquake a 9.1 splitter it in half, and Tiran Titol had its own mini tectonic plate. It continued to move north to america until 4000 BCE were some indians colonized it and they were called the Toitems. at 2500 BCE the Toitems made their own civilization and colonized parts of north america as a empire. They were called Toneam Empire. The europeans however annihilated them but more and more kept on coming until 600 were they stopped. What they didn't know was that Tiran Titol had a huge earthquake from the american plate and its own plate which had caused a 8.2 and made a 230 foot wave almost flooding the whole island, but it made almost ⅔ of it get sunken under water. it continued to move to north america until 1764 were it got hit by Hurricane Alfaro and sunk under water by -50 feet below the sea surface. People started to remove the island a decade after the first hurricane hit it.


If it didn't get hit by Hurricane Alfaro the plate would of collided with north america making a huge earthquake bigger then the strongest earthquake, it would send the plants in the island to attack humans and cause a huge war, bigger then WW2.