Hurricane Beltarios was then second recorded hurricane in the Atlantic ocean and the first to hit bremuda, and canada. The people had warned others that another great storm would happen. At June 23 0230 the storm became a TD and moved west until it hit parts of the tiny islands and moved northwest. It quickly became a TS as it continued moving north. The people in bermuda were getting warning about this great

Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 8.20.16 PM

Hurricane Beltarios at its peak.

storm and evacuated. The TS then changed directions to the west a bit and hinted bermuda killing 20. After that it turned into TD, and was heading towards canada where it hinted canada killing none. It happened a few days after the first great storm and the people were scared to see what was next and if it would be

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The hurricanes track. Light blue means TS.

deadly. This storm only reached TS and wasn't as deadly as the first hurricane but flooded some parts of bermuda. Some called it the Bermudan Hurricane. Part of the 1764 Atlantic Hurricane season.