The Wikia Transition Model is a model used to monitor the activity and status of a wiki created on Fandom. Created by Bobnekaro, it is based off the Demographic Transition Model, which is used to monitor the development of a country. Bobnekaro has proposed six stages to the Wikia Transition Model. There is no exact timing for how long the WTM takes, but it usually takes at least 5 years for a large wiki to progress through the WTM.

Stages of the WTM

Stage 1: New

Stage 1 begins when a wiki is founded. During Stage 1, the wiki typically has a small amount of pages, and has not been promoted by a Community Central Blog post or a Fandom spotlight. During this phase, the wiki typically has five or fewer users, usually coming from another community. In other cases, the wiki is created by a sole founder with no other users. A large amount of wikis never exit this stage, with some less than 10 pages even being closed for a lack of activity. This stage generally ends when the first user not known to the founder joins the wiki.

Stage 2: Rapid Growth

Wikis typically enter Stage 2 of the WTM after a Community Central blog or a Fandom spotlight. The wikis usually have about 200 pages at this point. Users begin to quickly join the wiki, with the creation of many more pages. Coding on the wiki usually becomes well-established, with many templates used to create pages. During this phase, on wikis with chat, chat generally begins to come more active.

Stage 3: Slowing Growth

In Stage 3 of the WTM, growth begins to slow down, although the wiki is still growing overall. Wikis typically have over 1000 pages by this point, with an active administration. Most of the inner coding of the wiki has been completed, with lots of content being added.

Stage 4: Stable/Climax

In Stage 4 of the WTM, the ratio of users leaving to joining a wiki is nearly even. Wikis typically have over 2000 pages by this point. The administration remains active, with a moderate amount of new users joining from time to time.

Stage 5: Slow Decline

In Stage 5 of the WTM, the amount of users leaving a wiki begins to exceed the number of users joining a wiki. Wikis typically have about 5000 pages at this point, but it varies from wiki to wiki: it can be low as 1000 or as high as 50000. The users of a wiki for the most part are older, and many are administrators.

Stage 6: Slow Death

Stage 6 of the WTM typically begins when the number of edits to a well-established large wiki is less than one per month. New users are extremely rare, and most of the editors have all left by this point. There still may be administrators, but in many cases they are inactive.