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World War III (otherwise known as World War 3, Doomsday War or Humanity's End) was the largest and most devastating military conflict in recorded history. It was larger than both previous wars combined, and resulted in major loss of life and property. It began on May 9, 2020 coincidentally the day German surrender in the Second World War, and ended on December 17 of that same year. Such a short length was largely caused by the extensive use of nuclear weapons, which eventually threw the world into chaos, effectively ending the war. The main belligerents were the United States and the NATO nations against Russia, who were originally allied against North Korea during the Second Korean War. After an American Warship was accidentally sunk by Russian aircraft, the United States declared war on Russia, and World War III was declared to have begun.

Second Korean War

Assassination Attempt

On December 25, 2019, an undercover American assassination squadron attempted to murder leader Kim Jong-Un of North Korea.